3 Years

International Diploma in Professional Cook (Apprenticeship)

Time frame of apprenticeship – three (3) years

Proposed candidate’s applications submitted

Selection interview conducted

Candidate based at employer’s establishment for duration of apprenticeship

Theory conducted during block release – 3 block releases per year

3 weeks at enrolment

2 weeks mid-year

2 weeks preparation for and writing of exams (theoretical and practical exams)

Regular site visits and one on one sessions with candidates

Diploma in professional cook, N$90 000.00 per candidate 

Diploma in professional chefs, N$ 90 000.00 per candidate

Only candidates working fulltime in a catering establishment can apply for this course

The apprenticeship programme is a two (2) part programme, the first part covers the diploma in professional cook, successful completion of the professional cook diploma allows the candidate to progress to the second part which covers the diploma of professional chef apprenticeship programme

Course fees include:

Learning material, 

Registration and exam fees 

(Rewrites at candidates own cost)

Culinary arts student’s ingredients for block release practical’s

Printing of portfolio logbook files

Breakage fee of N$ 600.00

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